Farewell to Phil Masters

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

It is with great sadness that IA farewells PHIL MASTERS -  such an amazing illustrator and person.
The following tribute is from fellow illustrator and his great friend Fredd Briggs

To the many Friends, colleagues and Members of Illustrators Australia.
I am very sad to inform you of the passing of a former member. PHIL MASTERS

Phil was our inaugural IA President (in fact he was member number 1).
Back then, a core group of 11 formed to get the association up and running.
Phil was a great communicator and more than often called upon by some of us
to give speeches which he would stretch and embellish to no end.
He “performed” our IA Auctions with much entertainment and spoke at many IA functions.

During the late 70’s and for many years, a group of us shared an old terraced house
in Albert Park. Myself and fellow Kiwi, David Bryant filled the empty rooms with
other freelancers. Phil Masters…David Baker…Mike Wilkin…Geoff McQualter…
Craig Penny… Frank O’neil…Mal Anderson… Johnny Watson…. and our dear friend
Paolo Bellini who unfortunately passed away many years ago.
We had a great studio with lots of laughs, much fun and created a huge amount of work.
For more than 25 years, Phil and I worked together as mates. We did our own thing,
but worked together on countless storyboards and submissions for all the advertising
agencies. It was commonly known that we would work on the same submissions
for 3-4 different agencies. On our many over-nighters, we would support our selves
on a slab of beer and a pizza delivery at around 11pm. But we always delivered the
job as required.

We never got round to celebrating Phil’s 60th….his social calender always got in the way.
We did however manage a quiet 61st last year with a small group of friends.

Phil left us early on Sunday Evening 27/1/13, after a brave battle with his illness.
He showed great strength, courage, was always smiling and so damned positive

Mate, yourself, David Baker and I shared many good times at various watering holes
around the area with a “piece of bark and a talking stick” Over many hours
we would discuss and create a variety of ideas, scams, projects, events and so on.

To me and others, Phil was a mate, a work buddy, a dear friend. he will be missed by
his family and friends.

Fredd….......‘Hey mate, do you want a beer?’............“Just one” he would always reply.