A brief history of the 9x5

Thursday, 29 October 2015

The 9x5 members exhibition, (inspired by the Heidelberg School of artists in the late 1800s, in which cigar boxes measuring roughly 9 x 5 inches were used as the substrate in an exhibition of the same name), has been a mainstay of IA’s exhibition activities since 1995. Held in different venues over the years, such as the Victorian Arts Centre, Chapel off Chapel (Prahran), Books Illustrated (Port Melbourne), Space 39 (Melbourne) and St Helier St Cafe (Abbotsford Convent, Melb) it is a great opportunity for members to have a little fun. All work is available for sale by auction at the shows opening, with the occasional pieces being subject to quite a lot of heated bidding (including a piece by international visitor Henrik Drescher which fetched over $1000 in 1999).

Memories being what they are, we shall endeavour to collect a comprehensive list of themes and venues and post them here. (email info@illustratorsaustralia.com if you have any extra info).

Underlined titles link to an online gallery of the exhibition

2015 - Playtime - (St Helier St Cafe, Abbotsford Convent, Melb)
2013 - Flourish - (St Helier St Cafe, Abbotsford Convent, Melb)
2012 - Carnivale (Space 39, Melbourne)
2011 - Rapture (Space 39, Melbourne)
2010 - Untold Stories (Space 39, Melbourne)
2009 - 20 (in honour of IA’s 20th Birthday) (Space 39, Melbourne)
2008 - Year of the Rat (Space 39, Melbourne)
2007 - Connected (Space 39, Melbourne)
2006 - Mix It Up (Victorian Arts Centre)
2005 - Trash (Books Illustrated, Gasworks Park)
2004 - Performance! (Victorian Arts Centre)
2003 - WMD (Books Illustrated, Gasworks Park)
2002 - Drama Queen , (Victorian Arts Centre)
2001 -
2000 - Wish You Were Here (Books Illustrated, Gasworks Park)
1999 -
1998 - Icons of Australia (Chapel off Chapel, Prahran)
1997 -
1996 - Bad Manners (Chapel off Chapel, Prahran)
1995 - Endangered Species (Chapel off Chapel, Prahran)

Scroll below to see clips from previous year preparations and openings:

Set up & opening 2011 9x5 Melbourne

Set up & opening 2010 9x5 Melbourne

Opening 2010 9x 5 Brisbane

Set up & opening 2009 9x5 Melbourne

Set up & opening 2008 9x5 Melbourne

Set up of 2007 9x5 Melbourne

Auction 2007 9x5 Melbourne