Committee Roles

Illustrators Australia is, for the most part, run by member volunteers.  It is a community, not a service.  The offerings of the organisation are as good as the members make them and it can only function when members participate in planning and running its activities.  We get out of it what we put in.

If you want to actively participate in the illustration community and work in exciting ways with fellow illustrators, this is your opportunity.

Members from all career stages and of all ages are needed and welcome.  The roles must be filled.  Step up and jump in!  This is your organisation. Make it the one you want it to be.

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The roles...

General committee

Do you have great ideas of what we could do, and are willing to actively participate in seeing them happen? The committee is the engine of Illustrators Australia. Being a general committee member is a great way to work side by side with other illustrators and be an active driver of the organisation

What does the general committee do?

  • Participate in managing the business and activities of IA

  • Actively participate in working groups to get things done

  • Facilitate events, make decisions and help steer the organisation

  • Commit to regular meetings


If you are looking for strong ties to the illustration community, have a passion for the business of illustration and are comfortable with public speaking then we want you.

The president is the voice of the committee to the membership and the broader community. Within the committee the president provides leadership and direction and ensures the committee fulfills its responsibilities. To do this they will be well informed of IAs activities, committed, supportive and able to work collaboratively with other committee members.

What does the President do?

  • Oversee the strategic direction, operations of the committee and the activities of the association to achieve the goals of the Association

  • Act as a signatory for the committee in all legal purposes and financial purposes

  • Serve as IA’s official spokesperson

  • Develop good relationships internally and externally, with other boards and organisations that are relevant to the goals of the Association.

  • Chair committee meetings ensuring that they are run efficiently and effectively

  • Prepare an AGM agenda and present report at AGM

  • Help recruit new Committee members 

  • Have a good working knowledge of the committee constitution, rules and duties of the committee (we can help you with that)

Vice President

The Vice President is responsible for supporting and assisting the president, stepping into help when the President is unable to be there. More than just a temporary replacement for the President, the Vice president is a team player working closely with the President and committee to achieve IA’s goals

What does the Vice President do?

  • Assist the president at general or executive meetings and act as the president, in the absence of the president or when the president is unable to act in that role. 

  • Act as official spokesperson in conjunction with the president. 

  • An alternate signatory for the Association for legal purposes and financial purpose 

  • Assist the president in deciding which matters are dealt with by the office bearers, the Management Committee or delegated to subcommittees 

  • Assist the president with strategies and plans for the Association.


The Secretary is responsible for the documentation and communication of the activities of the committee and for effective maintenance and management of records of the Association. The secretary is the primary administration officer of the committee and provides the links between the committee, members and outside agencies. Amongst the Secretary's tasks are to prepare agendas, control and distribute minutes, receive and disseminate correspondence to and from the committee etc.

What does the Secretary do?

  • Ensure that the records of the Association are maintained as directed by law and made available when required by authorised persons 

  • Maintain the register of members in accordance with the Model Rules of incorporation 

  • Give proper notification of meetings. Develop and distribute an agenda prior to meetings, in consultation with Committee members 

  • Manage written Minutes of Management Committee meetings and distribute to members in a timely manner in addition to providing summaries via the website. 

  • Assist with development of aims and relevant business and strategic plans in order to achieve the goals of the Association

  • Manage general incoming and outgoing correspondence and ensure that accurate and sufficient documentation exists to meet legal requirements. 

  • Ensure written handover of all relevant information to the incoming secretary 

  • Notify the Registrar of his/her appointment within 14 days, as required by the Act


The treasurer oversees financial reports and monitors the expenses of the organisation delivering financial updates to the committee.

What does the treasurer do?

  • oversee moneys paid to or received by the Association

  • make any payments as authorised by the Committee or by a general meeting 

  • ensure payments are authorised by at least two committee members.

  • ensure that the financial records of are kept in accordance with the Act.

  • coordinate the preparation of financial statements for the annual general meeting of the Association.

  • The Treasurer must ensure that at least one other committee member has access to the accounts and financial records of the Association.


Volunteers are vital to the success of IA. As a community organisation it is only as good as the effort members put into it. There are many tasks big or small that the committee alone doesn’t have the people power for. Putting your name forward as a volunteer can help make all the difference, making the impossible possible.