Zinia King

Zinia King - A Dose of Whimsy

Howdy! My name is Zinia King and I'm an illustrator living in the beautiful Adelaide Hills. I am endlessly inspired by my natural surroundings, so it is no surprise that Australian flora and fauna feature heavily in my work.

My artwork is often described as 'whimsical', and people will often smile or laugh at my curious creature designs. The pen use in my drawings is spontaneous, incorporating intricate patterns that draw inspiration from nature. I adore using watercolour to colour my artworks and appreciate it's free flowing nature.

My work as a freelance illustrator brings me enormous amounts of joy. It is such a privilege to bring ideas to life and to inspire people though my art. Children's book illustration is my passion and I am continually seeking out projects in which I can showcase the majesty of our natural environment.

Zinia KingZinia KingZinia KingZinia KingZinia KingZinia King