Nandina Vines

Nandina Vines Illustrator

I am a freelance illustrator. My core focus is illustration for children and nature drawing.

I have a degree in Natural History Illustration as well as experience in children’s book design and illustration. Whilst I am trained in traditional mediums, I prefer to illustrate digitally using an iPad and Apple pencil and the illustration program, Procreate.

I am a graphic Designer as well and so I can set your book up to be printer ready.

I recently had my first children's book published "Watching Through The Day" written by Julie Thorndyke. I am currently illustrating children's books on Dinosaurs, Bowerbirds, Iguana's and Witches and Faeries.

I also write children's stories of my own, yet to be published.

I love, love, love illustrating for children, so if you have a project or a story you want illustrated, please feel free to contact me anytime for advice and questions.

Nandina Vines IllustratorNandina Vines IllustratorNandina Vines IllustratorNandina Vines Illustrator