Nandina Vines

Nandina Vines Illustrator

Always a keen drawer, I studied Visual Arts at the University of Newcastle. After completing my degree, majoring in Plant and Wildlife Illustration, I found employment as a Graphic Designer.
I enjoyed a long-lasting and fulfilling career as a designer where my love for computer based creative programs grew into a passion and the mouse became my preferred drawing tool.
Redundancy and the universe handed me the opportunity and the time to follow my dreams of becoming a children's illustrator and author.
Most of my illustrations are purely digital. I use Adobe Photoshop, a Wacom Tablet or my iPadpro to create my illustrations and artworks.

As well as writing and illustrating my own children's stories, I am currently illustrating a soon to be published children's book for an already published author.

Nandina Vines IllustratorNandina Vines IllustratorNandina Vines Illustrator