Lindsay Marshall

Stick Figure Fish Illustration

Dr Lindsay Marshall is a world renowned fisheries biologist and natural history artist. Her fisheries biology expertise stems from her PhD, which was the first project in the world to use shark fins as a way to assess the impact of illegal fishing on shark populations. She is a self-taught artist who has painted every living species of elasmobranch (shark, ray and chimaera) the Tree of Life Project (, a large collaborative, worldwide, scientific and artistic project. Lindsay’s role to paint every species of shark and ray in the world (>1500 species). She is also the Illustrator for the book ‘Rays of the World’ (CSIRO Press) and two Australia Post 

She has a great respect for each animal that she paints, and endeavors to represent each individual with accuracy, integrity, and a vivid life force. She believes in the importance of documenting natural history, as many of the species that she paints may not exist in the near future. What Lindsay would ultimately like to accomplish with her art is to inspire a sense of awe for the natural world through her paintings and, in doing so, motivate people to value and conserve it.

Fish. Sharks. Rays. Science. 

Dr Lindsay MarshallDr Lindsay MarshallDr Lindsay MarshallDr Lindsay MarshallDr Lindsay MarshallDr Lindsay Marshall