Leisa O'Brien


Leisa is a passionate creative, always expressing herself in painting, zentangling, creating fabric and sewing. Her skills in the professional illustration industry are diverse - from Fashion illustration,  Architectural illustration,  Graphic design, Fine art, Mural art, Stage backdrop art, Children's Book illustration and Surface Pattern design.

Inspired by her desire to spread joy to others throught her art, Leisa has most recently illustrated a series of books focussed on Animal adventures wrapped in love and friendship, developing characters in watercolour with the Author. Leisa has been in the Illustration industry since 1987, initially contracting to an Architect, while running her Pet Portrait business as a side hustle- then running her own Illustration business for over 22 years. She is adept at Photoshop and Illustrator which helps with the scanning and digitising of illustrations but her heart lies in the creation and colouring side of her work - if you can call it that as she says,

" It's way too much fun to ever be called work! "

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