Kathryn Avent

Stray Kat Illustrations

Heyo, I’m Kat and I’m an independent illustrator based in Victoria Australia.

I'm a traditional mixed media artist who works in coloured pencils, water colour, gouache and ink to create vibrant colourful illustrations.

My body of work is diverse, and ranges from bright and colourful paintings of fairies and flowers to  black ink stippling/fine line work inspired by lithography printing and old historical block printing.

With an interest in flora, fauna myth and legends, my art focuses on creating whimsical worlds, character design, and story telling.

In 2021 I worked with History Press to contribute 13 images to their publication Dark Folklore by Mark Norman, and have continued to contibute illustrations to some of their later publications. I've also worked in mascot design, packaging and labels. 

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