Cheryl Hodges

Cheryl is a natural history artist living near Canberra, Australia. Cheryl works with watercolour on paper and vellum. Cheryl's artistic repertoire encompasses a diverse range of subjects, from native Australian to exquisite depictions of flowers, fruits, vegetables, as well as insects. Lately, she has dedicated her artistic endeavors to raising awareness about endangered species. Her ultimate aspiration, through her artistry and teaching, is to ignite curiosity and fascination in people for the natural world, instilling a sense of responsibility for its preservation.

Cheryl exhibits regularly in botanical exhibitions in Australia. Cheryl teaches botanical and insect illustration, and has created several online art tutorials. Cheryl has some original paintings along with greeting cards, prints and other items available on her website. Her artwork is available for licence, and she has completed several commercial projects, some of which can be seen in her portfolio. Cheryl welcomes commissions and discussions regarding licencing of her art. 


Cheryl HodgesCheryl HodgesCheryl HodgesCheryl Hodges