• Children's books -Series

    Annie White - My Dad is a Bear

    Silver Category Winners

    Client: New Frontier Publishing

    Description: Illustrations for a picture book for young children titled My Dad is a Bear.

  • Institutional - Single

    Brian Clinton - Albert Jacka VC Gallipoli 1915

    Silver Category Winners

    Art director: Self - Studio (Brian Clinton & Associates)

    Client: Russell Allen

    Description: Dramatization of VC recipient Albert Jacka's landing at Anzac Cove Gallipoli 1915 for a commissioned L/E print as part of the 100th Anniversary of this ill fated campaign and the heroics and sacrifices that were made

  • Books - Single

    Binny Talib - Origami Heart

    Silver Category Winners

    Art director: Self

    Client: Hachette Publishing

    Description: Children's Book

  • Institutional - Series

    Carolyn Ridsdale - Fined Out

    Silver Category Winners

    Art director: Eddy Jokovich - Studio (Armedia)

    Client: Legal Aid NSW

    Description: A series of illustrations created for Legal Aid NSW for their brochure "Fined Out" offering practical help for people having problems with fines.

  • Advertising - Single

    Chris Murray - The Cavalier Catfish

    Silver Category Winners

    Art director: Self

    Client: Catfish Bar

    Description: On the occasion of their first birthday Fitzroy's Catfish Bar partnered with Cavalier Brewing to produce a celebratory Imperial Pilsner. I was approached to create the image for the beer's label and promotions. The finished work was a combination of pen & ink and digital, and along with the inevitable hops and barley, also features a fish-tailed banner, appropriately imperial crowned-border, and King Catfish to lessen the implied praise of monarchies. (Catfish monarchies don't count.) Hurrah!

  • Design and Packaging - Series

    Jim Tsinganos - Power Super Foods

    Silver Category Winners

    Art director: Karen Klaich

    Client: Power Super Foods

    Description: Packaging and re Branding of Power Super Foods health supplements. The aim of the brief was to evoke a sense of the magical and exotic locations where a lot of these ingredients come from.

  • Editorial - Series

    Nancy Liang - Junko's Story: Surviving Hiroshima's Atomic Bomb

    Silver Category Winners

    Art director: Matt Smith

    Client: SBS Australia

    Description: A series of four illustrations inspired by the first personal testimonial of 83 year-old Hiroshima survivor, Junko Morimoto. Illustrations may reference Junko's original artwork but also must act as hero images to frame each of the four chapters of her story.

  • Editorial - Single

    Nigel Buchanan - Pirlo

    Silver Category Winners

    Art director: Robert Priest - Studio (Priest and Grace)

    Client: 8by8 magazine

    Description: Cover portrait of Andrea Pirlo, a overran soccer player with a reputation for being ruthless on the field.

  • Unpublished - Series

    Rhys Parkinson - Connect

    Silver Category Winners

    Art director: Self

    Client: Personal work

    Description: "These illustrations were made using graphite and colored pencil in a photo realist style. The works investigate the notion of the human condition, which can be defined as “inescapable features of being human in a social, cultural, and personal context.” This can also be understood as the irreducible part of humanity that is inherent and not connected to factors such as gender, race or class. It includes concerns such as the meaning of life, the search for gratification, a sense of curiosity and the inevitability of isolation. Show casing my skill set for rendering, these drawings evidence the mechanics of photography such as lighting, focus and blur; which are then translated into a visual arts context. For me a hand represents who a person is. Our hands are our way of creating, working... living. They allow us to connect, show love, demonstrate aggression, inflict pain, care for our young, take care of ourselves or even produce the most detailed of artworks. I believe a hand can be a symbol for how we relate to one another. Each illustration is A3 (42cm by 29.7cm) full size."

  • Animation - Single

    Rob Cowan - PwC Australia App

    Silver Category Winners

    Art director: Stuart Hipwell - Studio (Two Social)

    Client: PwC Australia

    Description: Large detailed illustration created for PwC Australia for use in an online game to promote graduate students to work in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths.

    video link
  • Advertising - Series

    Sarah Wilkins - Centre For Wellbeing

    Silver Category Winners

    Art director: Janet Guillet - studio (DDB NY)

    Client: Atlantic Health System

    Description: To create a campaign look-and-feel for the Atlantic Health System "Center For Wellbeing", New Jersey, inspired by the "destination" concept and the distinct illustrative style. The illustrations are used on the centre's website, in advertising and interior design in the centre.

  • Design and Packaging - Single

    Shane McGowan

    Silver Category Winners

    Art director: Self - Studio (The Organisation)

    Client: The Organisation/Red Bubble

    Description: A classic fairy tale image for my UK agent's portfolio which was subsequently used fro greeting cards and clothing for the on-line artists' shop Red Bubble.

  • Books - Single

    Sonia Kretschmar - Shadow Sister

    Silver Category Winners

    Art director: Gayna Murphy

    Client: Black Dog Books, an imprint of Walker Books

    Description: Cover for 'Shadow Sister', Book 6 in the 'Dragon Keeper' series of books by Carole Wilkinson.

  • Unpublished - Single

    Adam Celeban - Chadwick's Challenge

    Silver Category Winners

    Art director: Self

    Client: Sue Ruffle

    Description: Selected illustration from a children's book that's yet to be published, "Chadwick's Challenge" written by Sue Ruffle.