Fiona Weir

Little bear Studio

 Fiona Weir is an Illustrator and visual artist from Melbourne , based on the Mornington Peninsula. She loves to explore the whimsy and quirky as well as more classical styles of fine art and illustration. Fiona is  greatly inspired by nature , childhood books and her family ,who provide her with endless encouragement.

 Fiona has completed both the Diploma of Visual Art ( illustration ) 2017 and completed  the Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts in December 2018 with high distinction.

 Working predominately with ink, gouache and graphite ,Fiona has been exploring the use of digital processes in combination with her work, aiming to deliver images on various canvases including wood panels, textiles and print.

 Fiona aims to capture the viewers imagination by tapping into whimsical  imagery, nostalgia and storytelling. Whether it is observing the small details of nature or capturing everyday life , she creates images that  enable the viewer to sense joy and wonder and  in some way , feel a connection and sentiment with her work.

Fiona WeirFiona WeirFiona WeirFiona Weir