Carolyn Daly

Daly Doodle and Design

Carolyn Daly is a visual storyteller.  She is an illustrator and writer and has recently illustrated two children’s books.

Carolyn lives and works in her studio in Tasmania where she can be found creating quirky characters that mostly end up as children’s book characters, although some find a place as promotional characters for business and also for home décor.  

Carolyn’s work has featured in children’s storybooks, educational programs and interactive workbooks.  It was Carolyn’s  earlier career as a primary/art teacher, that sparked her love of visual storytelling for children. 

Carolyn spends her days (and nights) dreaming up characters that are just looking for a story to land in. 

Carolyn DalyCarolyn DalyCarolyn DalyCarolyn DalyCarolyn DalyCarolyn Daly