yeimy sanchez

Yeimy Sánchez Art

South American visual artist, illustration, design and creative projects.  using both traditional and digital media.
drawing, painting, illustration, photography, video editing, multimedia.

Mi Perro / My Dog, illustration inspired by the idea of adventure, by a dog playing with his bone and throwing it into the water and ready to swim after it. It is a Traditional media illustration inspired by The Dog and his Reflection Aesop's Fables. I named this illustration “My dog” as an allegory of the Colombian expression “mi perro” frequently use to talk to close friends. Best illustration Award at UNFOLD exhibition with a special price at Illustrators Australia

The experience of creation and exploration is usually a conversation between you and your composition. Keep creating - keep trying- keep exploring. Thanks to my classmates and teachers from Melbourne Polytechnic.

Yeimy Sánchez