Lou Endicott

Lou is a Melbourne based freelance illustrator and graphic designer. Lou was recently commissioned by Cengage Learning to illustrate the early reader book "The House in the Tree" written by Beverly Randell. Through the Creative Parrot Agency, Lou was the illustrator of the baby elephant mascot for the children nasal spray "Flo" which was featured in pharmacies across Australia in 2016. This project included designing a colouring in activity sheet that formed a competition for young children in different chemists. She has just completed working on another brief with the Creative Parrot Agency to create two new activity/colouring sheets to promote Flo across the Winter and Spring seasons in Australia. Other notable projects include illustrating the childrens eBook "The Day Jake Logan Robertson Ran Out of Hugs" (written by A. Nicky  Hjort and published by Jetblack Publishing - released February 13th 2015), creating custom illustration work for the University of New South Wales (featured in an English assessment paper) and a permanent illustrative display demonstrating the process of making fortified wine in the Tintarra Winery (Hardy's) in McClaren Vale. 

Lou draws her inspiration from many places: the children she teaches theatre and drama to on her Saturdays, from her own childhood memories, from observing the world around her and her own imagination. She adores working with clients on custom pieces and seeks out opportunities to grow as an artist and as an all round creative being. She has a deep love of drawing faces and capturing the essence of a character through simplicity and her whimsical style.

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