What is IA?

Did you know that if you want to commission an illustrator all you need to do is browse the portfolio section on this website, and because we are not an agency you can contact the illustrator directly with your brief or project?  Easy!

And did you know that if you are an illustrator who is interested in becoming a part of the Illustrators Australia community and having a portfolio page on our website, all you need to do is send your application in online here?  Easy!

IA is a not-for-profit Association that helps Australian and New Zealand illustrators to promote themselves throughout the industry.   We are not an illustration Agency.

Illustration courtesy of IA member Melanie Matthews


Illustrators Australia was originally conceived by Faye Plamka (illustrator), who put the call out to fellow illustrators in 1989 to form a collective of creatives, establish a code of conduct whereby the members could discuss mutual problems faced by illustrators within the industry, and to have an Association that could offer support and a network to the individual.  The Illustrators Association of Australia was enthusiastically launched to the illustration community.

Since that time and a change in name to Illustrators Australia, we have grown and developed in many ways.  But one thing we haven’t changed is that we have always been run by illustrators, for the benefit of illustrators and this continues to be of utmost importance to the Association and its' members.


We continue to develop our website, which enables those who commission illustrators to browse members' portfolios fast and effectively to choose an illustrator who will fit their brief, publication project or any other projects within the design, advertising and publishing industries.  We also offer valuable resources, exhibitions, workshops, seminars and community to Australian and New Zealand illustrators who join IA to promote themselves.

In 2013, IA launched a new app on AppStore “IA Pocket”, which has been an exciting process and one that we see as putting our illustrators in the very pockets of those that commission them.

Illustration is visual imagery and is very important in our modern world.   It is seen just about everywhere in all forms: books, magazines, cartoons, caricatures, graphic novels, newspapers, billboards, postcards, storyboards for TV, movies, fashion, medical journals, animated works, interactive video and computer games, murals, apps on phones and ipads, ebooks etc.

There’s no better time than to commission an illustrator or to be one!

Code of conduct

Click here to download the IA Code of Conduct.